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Each coaching relationship, program and event is created specifically to meet the needs and desires of our clients. We partner with individuals, couples, groups, small businesses and corporations to design programs that align with their goals and intentions. Each coaching relationship, program or event teaches practical tools that can be applied in everyday life, the workplace, group setting and/or home. 

We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about programs that will best serve your intentions and meet the specific needs
for you, your relationship, your company or your team. 
Team Development Programs

Our team development programs enrich your team's skill level in many areas. Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of your group and include focus areas such as:

~Communication~    ~Team Cohesiveness~    ~Conflict Resolution~    ~Commitment~   
 ~Trust~    ~Focus~    ~Productivity~    ~Responsibility~    ~Embracing Differences~   
 ~Follow Through~    ~Relationship Building~    
and much more.
Interactive Seminars and Experiential Workshops 

Take your team or group even further with our Interactive Seminars and Experiential Workshops. In these events we take learning to whole new levels of excitement and practical application. 

Our Interactive Seminars and Experiential Workshops address topics that fit your needs. Your team is fully engage as we offer opportunity for change on the core levels that reflect into the workplace and into everyday life. These programs inspire the participants to continue growth by elevating team moral, team collaboration, understanding and cooperation.  
These are just a few examples of the programs we offer for groups, teams and businesses. 
As with every event and program presented in our nearly three-decade history, 
your event will be customized to fit your exact needs and desires. 

We would honor the opportunity to chat with you about how we can assist you in taking your team to new heights of success.
                      Unlimited Reality ®                                               Author, Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Minister                                                   Kenny Brixey ®
Experiential Speaking

Far beyond the typical keynote speech. 
The experiential speaking events keep the audience involved. Throughout the event audience members are invited to practice the tools taught during the speech providing a deeper learning experience and greater engagement with the topic. 

Some of our most popular topics:

* Communicate to Understand     * Team Empowerment   * Deeper Consideration 

Speeches can be developed to address the specific focus and needs of your event and group.

Coaching, Programs and Events
A popular misconception about coaching is that coaching is only needed to fix a problem, change a behavior that no longer works, or overcome perceived limits in one’s self-belief. While coaching can assist with all of these, coaching is much more.

A coaching relationship is a place where awareness of possibility is awakened. It is a place where compassion inspires deeper consideration. It is a place where authentic listening occurs. A coaching relationship is about elevating and expanding thoughts beyond the norm and exploring new ideas. Coaching is a process allowing the client to evolve from where they are now to where they desire to be. A coaching relationship is about providing tools that will serve the client even after the coaching session ends. Most of all, a coaching relationship invites clients to look within themselves, discover the incredible talents and wisdom they have, and apply them in every aspect of life.

A coaching relationship can be for individuals, couples, groups, businesses, and more.

Milestone Masters Program

Our signature Milestone Masters Program is presented in a group coaching format and is designed to allow participants to learn from each other's wins and difficulties. This is a place to consider ideas more deeply, share them and collaborate with each other to create unique ideas, projects, and intentions that can be implemented in the workplace, home or any other area of life. 
Special Events
Due to Covid-19, and the close proximity participants may be with each other, we have postponed all special events scheduled at this time. When it is truly safe for us all to gather without endangering one another, we will once again host special events, classes and workshops.  
Spirituality and mindfulness are common topics of learning for many. If this applies to you, or you simply want to see what more is available, follow this link to Divine Connection and see what additional values and benefits are available there.