Opening awareness to the amazing, incredible you; 
discovering your power; your truth, your authenticity.
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             Unlimited Reality ®                                                   Author, Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Minister                                                   Kenny Brixey ® 
Our services are tailored to meet your specific desires and needs. 

Assisting you to attain your greatest intentions through...

* Coaching Programs
* Workshops
* Seminars
* Keynote Speaking
*Team Development Programs 
* Wedding Ceremonies
* and Many More Events
Supporting individuals and groups along their journey
to authentic living. 
The time to awaken the real you is NOW!
Books that expand awareness of your innate and beautiful truth. 

Kenny is the Spiritual Director at Divine Connection ~ Center for Spiritual Awareness, in Van Alstyne, Texas. Each Sunday we teach practical spirituality that can be used to enrich and expand everyday life.

"It feels like home," has been said by many people after attending one of our services.

Where ever you are spiritually, whatever beliefs you hold true, we offer teachings that empower and expand your connection to God.

Enjoy our most recent Sunday talk.
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