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             Unlimited Reality ®                                                   Author, Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Minister                                                   Kenny Brixey ® 
Creative and unique programs, coaching packages and special events designed to meet the specific objectives and focuses of individuals, groups and businesses.

For programs designed to expand mindfulness and spiritual awareness, visit 
Divine Connection, where we offer more insightful programs, classes and workshops.
Supporting individuals and groups along their journey to expand their experience of and expression into life. 

Opening awareness to your infinite possibilities!
Resources to expand awareness of your innate and empowering truth. The practical application of the tools available here can transform chaos into peace, fear into love, and overwhelm into mindful expression. 
​Books and Products
Programs, Coaching and Events
Meet Kenny Brixey
Kenny Brixey began assisting others to discover and express their amazing truths and abilities in 1994 as an assistant teacher for a Dallas based personal growth seminar. His passion for assisting others continued and led him to create programs for individuals, groups, churches, small businesses and corporations. 

Kenny is a program designer and facilitator, individual and group coach, spiritual director and counselor, author and experiential speaker.